Things To Consider

Every wedding is different, and every bride has things that she loved about her wedding and additionally, would have done slightly different.

Here are a few things to think about:

  • Have you considered a “reveal” photo session? This is when you have the bulk of your photos taken before the ceremony so that you get to spend all of your time after the ceremony with your guests and enjoying your wedding.
  • If you’re wearing a strapless wedding gown, avoid wearing a bra with straps all day before putting on your wedding dress, you don’t want strap marks showing up in your photos or taking off your fake tan.
  • Don’t forget to eat on the day of your wedding, get your bridesmaids (or wedding planner) to arrange a nice fruit and cheese platter for while you’re getting ready.
  • Have you considered a “technology free” or “switched off” ceremony? This is where you request your guests to put away there iPhones, cameras, video cameras etc and enjoy the ceremony. This way when you look at your professional photos you will see your guests faces, not there phones etc.